With extensive experience in the medical billing industry, Billing Advantage provides outstanding billing services for over 200 clinicians in 22 states.



Billing Advantage wanted to expand its reach among premier medical practices and ultimately, drive sales by means of a new website.



Front Porch Solutions redesigned and updated the Billing Advantage website to highlight the company’s versatility and specialties.

billing advantage redesigned website

Front Porch Solutions has worked with us to redesign and update our website. They have also been providing us with SEO services. We couldn’t be more satisfied with the results. Their work on our website was professional, done quickly, and within budget. They came up with many creative suggestions.

The SEO results have been dramatic. We are now getting many more new customers without having to pay for advertising, and our business has grown substantially. I highly recommend their services.

– Rick Kaufman, CEO of Billing Advantage

Website Redesign

To drive medical practices and clinicians to the Billing Advantage site, Front Porch Solutions built a modernized website with keyword optimized content highlighting the versatility and service offerings of the company. By ensuring the site is easily navigable and creating clear calls to action, we have generated countless leads for Billing Advantage and grown traffic by 278 percent!

billing advantage website created by fps

PPC Campaigns  

To expand their customer base of clinicians and medical professionals, Billing Advantage opted to enroll in Front Porch Solutions’ pay-per-click (PPC) program. By designing a PPC campaign that focuses on relevant keywords and quality ad content, we have grown the Billing Advantage customer base and generated new leads.

As a result of our keyword research and PPC advertising expertise, we have been able to reduce Billing Advantage’s cost-per-lead by 31%.


billing advantage PPC campaign