The Cleveland International Piano Competition (CIPC) brings art to the community, one smile at a time. For fifteen days, audiences experience exquisite performances, informative symposia and can’t-miss parties.



The main challenge for the CIPC was establishing consistent branding across all digital platforms, while also expanding reach to an international audience. 



The CIPC needed a team that could provide various updates and continuous support all year long to promote their numerous events. CIPC also needed a website powerful enough to host live streaming during the competition.

cipc new website designed by fps

The Front Porch Solutions design team does an outstanding job of producing material that is on point, on brand, and beautifully designed. We use them for a huge array of projects: advertising, event signage, social media branding, and every type of printed piece that can be imagined. Quite simply, I don’t know how I would be able to do my job without them.

– Della Homenik, Director of Communications for CIPC

An All-In-One App

The CIPC mobile application makes accessing the events calendar, contestant information, ticket purchasing easier than ever. Front Porch Solutions designed the CIPC app to unify content, as well as to create another brand touch point.

FPS created customized push notifications during the competition to alert attendees of the latest news, scores and happenings.

cipc app created by fps

An organization dedicated to supporting the young artists who have made our musical heritage their life’s work.

 cleveland international piano competition home page

Performance Art

Front Porch Solutions helped CIPC develop a successful direct mail campaign, including creating a fresh, new graphic design for organization-wide branding. Our art department designed all accompanying print collateral for the direct mail program which consists of marketing materials like stationary, business cards, mailers, flyers, donation requests and more.

We developed a unique art direction while remaining aligned to the brand’s vision. We chose a minimal style to let the stories speak for themselves. The simple design allows important information to take center stage and re-enforces event branding, while the bright colors convey excitement. 

cipc 2016 postcards designed by fps

CIPC brochure

CIPC mailer designed by fps

cpic poster designed by fps

Pitch-Perfect Print

FPS worked to incorporate the organization’s underlying message into each piece of collateral. As a nonprofit, CIPC teams up with other arts-based organizations around the country to foster community outreach. In turn, the designs FPS created are beautiful, neutral to easily allow for collaborative marketing.

Prior to and during the event itself,  FPS’ design team creates additional promotional material including programs, pamphlets, posters, signage and more. FPS designed these marketing materials to serve as treasured keepsakes, long after the competition is over. 

Email Marketing

Through a strategic marketing plan, Front Porch Solutions developed a lucrative email marketing campaign that has helped drive visitors to the CIPC website, increasing traffic by 54 percent. By providing compelling content and using the up-to-date software available, FPS was able to help CIPC’s email engagement grow by 98 percent. By constantly monitoring these statistics, we are able design for CIPC’s specific visitor demographics to constantly enhance user experience.

cipc email marketing by front porch solutions

Social Media & Community Management

Front Porch Solutions assisted CIPC in setting up social media profiles across influential platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube to reach a wider audience. FPS also creates content, maintains CIPC’s social media presence and engages with CIPC’s followers to manage and re-enforce their place in the arts community.

cipc community engagement