The experienced attorneys of Spooner & Associates resolve legal cases quickly and effectively. The firm handles cases ranging from personal industry to family law.



Spooner & Associates wanted a sophisticated, optimized website to improve the firm’s online image and to improve search results in local markets.



To achieve these objectives, Spooner Law needed a website that placed a premium on SEO best practices and simple, easy-to-use design.

We have worked with Front Porch Solutions in many capacities over the last three years – they have transformed our website, our company blog, and designed our company brochure.

Each member of the team has been a pleasure to work with. They are responsive to your needs, suggest ways to improve your design and goals, and ultimately have the best interest of your business at the forefront of their thought process. We look forward to many more years of working with Front Porch Solutions. Thank you!

– Leigh Spooner, Marketing Manager of Spooner & Associates, P.C.

Growth Driven Design

Front Porch Solutions built Spooner Law’s website from the ground up. Utilizing the growth driven design concept, we created a website designed to generate leads through strategically placed calls to action and embedded forms.

Thanks to their new website and implementation of lead tracking and call tracking, Spooner & Associates has been able to convert leads into clients– proof the firm is receiving a notable return on its investment.

Growth in Organic Traffic

After creating the site and optimizing it with key search terms for the Gwinnett County area, Front Porch Solutions is proud to say we have increased monthly organic traffic to the Spooner & Associates’ site by 153%. With more traffic on the new website, the firm is achieving improved conversion rates on leads tracking and call tracking.