Sunbelt Business Brokers is an international network of business brokers serving both buyers and sellers of Middle Market and Main Street companies.



Sunbelt needed help unifying its online brand, as well as improving search presence in local markets for users interested in buying a business and selling a business.



To reach local users searching for business buyer/seller related terms, Front Porch Solutions created a new Sunbelt Business Brokers site that was professionally optimized for local markets.

sunbelt business brokers new website

When we decided to update our website, Front Porch Solutions guided us through the entire process and were enjoyable to work with. From start to finish they understood our goals and implemented the structure and design flawlessly. We can now easily view traffic and conversion goals from one simple dashboard.

FPS’s knowledge in structure has made our Corporate website and individual office locations more visible and their SEO management has increased our web traffic by over 100% since launch.

– Ashley Gooding, Marketing Director of Sunbelt Network

Functionality Meets Design

Sunbelt Network priority has always been its functionality. When redesigning the company’s website, we developed a unique and powerful graphics that aligned with the brand’s vision. We developed a minimalistic style to emphasize the functionality and resources available on the site. In one year’s time, Front Porch Solutions has increased organic traffic to the new Sunbelt website by 69%.

sunbelt website redesign by front porch solutions

Easy-to-Use Business Search Tool

One of Sunbelt’s strengths is its extensive collection of listings. In fact, Sunbelt has more businesses listed for sale at any given time than all of the company’s major competitors combined. To make those listings more visible to buyers in markets all over the world and to drive traffic to the new site, Front Porch Solutions built an interactive business search tool.

sunbelt listings page on new website

Stationery & Print

In order for Sunbelt to sell businesses and close deals, the company and its franchisees have to be able to sell themselves. That is why Sunbelt trusted Front Porch Solutions to design print collateral that reflects the Sunbelt brand and its professional services.

From stationery and business cards to sales folders and more, Front Porch Solutions is the proud designer of a number of marketing materials made for Sunbelt’s corporate office, as well as individual Sunbelt franchisees.


sunbelt print marketing collateral by fps

Email Marketing

Through the new Sunbelt website’s downloadable white papers and newsletter sign up form, we have built an extensive database of potential business buyers and sellers. Every month, the Front Porch Solutions content writing team writes two blogs dealing with buyer and seller topics.

Using the database, Front Porch Solutions sends a monthly email promoting the blog posts and driving readers to the Sunbelt website. By maintaining an email marketing program for Sunbelt, we are keeping the brand top-of-mind for potential business buyers and sells, as well as building brand authority.

sunbelt email marketing by fps

Social Media & Community Management

Sunbelt Business Brokers depends on the social media and content writing team at Front Porch Solutions to manage the brand’s social accounts including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. With weekly posts and advertising campaigns, increased social media traffic by 310% and increased social media engagement by 194%.

This increase in traffic and engagement means we have successfully reached buyers and sellers all over the world, increasing Sunbelt’s brand awareness and driven users to the newly designed website or a local Sunbelt Business Brokers office.

sunbelt social media management