How to Boost Organic Reach on Social Media

What is organic reach? Organic reach refers to the number of people you reach from an unpaid social media post. This type of reach is ideal as it keeps your engagement authentic and saves you money.

Social media professionals have noticed that organic Facebook and Instagram reach has been down across most business pages. A big reason is that of the amount of content published, and because of the change in Facebook and Instagram’s algorithm. To prevent users’ news feed from becoming cluttered, Facebook and Instagram try to customize each user’s experience to showcase posts that are only relevant to the individual. The team at Front Porch Solutions is here to help you boost organic reach with these five tips.

5 Tips to Boost Organic Reach

Use the tactics below to help increase your organic reach and build your brand.

1. Create Valuable Content

The goal of News Feed and the new algorithm is to show users posts that matter most to them. With that, brands need to focus on pushing out content that is valuable to their followers and potential followers. Some best practices include creating engaging and relevant posts that will resonate with your audience. Remember that the quality of your posts surpasses the quantity. You do not want to spam your audience. Avoid sharing overly promotional posts. The 80/20 rule should be noted when strategizing and planning out your social media calendar. The rule implies that 80% of your posts should inform, inspire, and engage your followers, while 20% should try to sell your products or services.

2. Determine Which Types of Posts Work Best

It’s important to track which types of posts receive the most organic reach. By updating a spreadsheet each month, you can determine what posts resonate best with your audience to then better execute your social media strategy. A few ways to boost organic reach include images, videos, blogs, and running contests. Need additional inspiration? Check out this piece on Instagram Post Ideas: 6 Types of Content That Work by Hootsuite.

3. Audience Optimization

The Audience Optimization feature through Facebook is a targeting tool to help brands organically reach and engage their audience. It allows businesses to recognize the interests of people interacting with their posts by adding keyword interest tags. There are two options when using this feature: Preferred Audiences and Audience Restrictions. Some may argue that it is counterintuitive to limit the potential reach of your posts, however by narrowing your post reach to only relevant users, your engagement rate will likely grow. This increase in engagement rate will signal Facebook that you have compelling content, encouraging them to show this content to more users. Learn more about Audience Optimization here.

4. Schedule Posts for the Ideal Time

The timing of posts can get tricky if you’re a brand that is growing its global audience. But, if you are a business in a specific city, county, state, region, or country, timing your posts can be a bit easier. The marketing experts at HubSpot, created an ultimate guide on the Best Time to Post on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+. You can use this data to target the right users at the right time to boost the organic reach you want.

5. Collaborate with Other Brands & Influencers

Our final tip piggybacks off the first. By sharing other businesses’ blogs and relevant industry news, you can portray your brand as an industry leader and expert. You can team up with other influencers in your space who can drive authentic traffic to your page and thus boost organic reach. Many influencers are willing to work in exchange for brand recognition on your social channels. A key point to remember is to ensure these collaborations are the right fit for your brand.

Unsure of where to start with your brand’s social media marketing? Front Porch Solutions advises every client on how to best incorporate social media into their online marketing campaigns. To begin growing your social media presence, talk to a member of our team, and we can build a customized marketing strategy to fit your needs and budget. Contact us today!

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