Why Choose Us?

At Front Porch Solutions, we have more than a decade of experience crafting customized law firm marketing strategies.

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15+ Years Experience

We have over 15 years of experience building top-performing websites and generating leads for clients.

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Certified Marketing Experts

Our team has a long list certifications from top marketing platforms including Google, Yext, Facebook, Hubspot, and more.

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Cheaper Than Hiring In House

Working with us means you have access to a team of specialists without the cost of salaries, benefits, and training.

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One Law Firm Per Market

We consider our relationships with lawyers exclusive. We'll never work with a competitor in your market once we're under contract with you.

Certified Marketing Experts

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

Some of the top-performing law firms in Cleveland, OH and beyond rely on Front Porch Solutions for all of their digital marketing needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Front Porch Solutions?

Marketing for law firms requires special considerations and an understanding of how users search for legal services. Front Porch Solutions has years of experience designing, optimizing, and promoting law firm websites.

What can Front Porch Solutions do for my law firm?

Our team manages everything from website, search optimization, and paid advertising to reputation management, email marketing, and social media. More than half of legal searches aren't branded, so we find it particularly important to optimize directory listings to increase your firm's local search results.

How can I generate more leads for my law firm?

Effective lead generation tactics depend on your target audience and where they spend their time online. Some of the most common ways we can increase the number of leads for law firms include A/B testing, local search optimization, and pay-per-click advertising.

Do you work with other law firms in my area?

Once we sign a contract with one law firm, we consider ourselves exclusive. We don't take on competitors in clients' markets.

Once you complete my website, how will it be maintained?

Rather than pay a lump sum upfront, we charge attorneys in monthly installments. As part of your monthly service fee, we continue managing your website– making updates, adding new pages, and publishing new content as needed.

What is the cost of a new website for a law firm?

The cost of a new website varies greatly depending on client goals and the number of cities we are optimizing for. For a custom quote, please call (614) 356-3317.

Custom Marketing Audits for Attorneys

Take the first step towards generating more leads and growing your law firm with help from Front Porch Solutions!

Upon receiving some basic information, it only takes two business days for our team to assess your law office’s digital footprint, opportunities, and recommendations. Armed with the results of your consultation, your firm will be able to deliver real value and results.