4 Types of Social Media Marketing Campaigns

By Kaitlyn Bernauer

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Social media platforms have become integral to modern marketing, offering businesses a cost-effective way to reach their target audience. With almost 5 billion people on social media worldwide, it’s no surprise that social media advertising has become one of the most popular forms of marketing.

However, with so many different social media marketing campaigns to choose from, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Below, we’ll look at four main types of social media marketing campaigns: brand awareness, engagement, traffic, and conversions.

The Main Social Media Campaign Types Explained

In this day and age, having your brand on social media is a given. However, as social networks continue to raise the value of relationships, relevance, and engagement, you may find that your old marketing efforts need to be revised. Putting ad spend behind your content can help you get your business back in front of users. However, if you’re just dipping your toes into the world of social media advertising, then understanding different campaign types’ goals is crucial to success.

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness campaigns are designed to increase the visibility and recognition of a brand. These campaigns focus on promoting the brand through eye-catching visuals and compelling messaging. These campaigns aim to create a positive association with the brand and increase brand recall. More visually-oriented platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok are ideal for this type of campaign.

You likely won’t see a shift in your bottom line from these campaign types, but you can start engaging and educating potential customers about your product or service.

woman engaging with brand on social media


Engagement campaigns are designed to increase the number of interactions between a brand and its target audience. This can include likes, comments, shares, and views. These campaigns aim to foster a sense of community and loyalty among the brand’s audience.

These campaigns take things a step further into the sales cycle by encouraging direct interaction between your content and social media users. Again, you likely won’t see a significant increase in sales with this campaign type, but you are building up on the number of touchpoints it takes to reach a conversion.


Getting a little warmer, traffic campaigns are designed to increase the number of visitors to a website or landing page. Unlike brand awareness and engagement campaigns, which generally keep your audience engaged directly on the social media platform, these ads aim to take users over to your site. The focus is on driving traffic through links, calls to action, and other marketing materials.

Take care when selecting the landing page for your ads. It should be relevant to the content of your promotion, easy to navigate on mobile, and have tracking in place so that you have a better understanding of users’ actions once they leave the social media platform.

two people clicking to website from ad on smartphone


Last but not least, conversion campaigns are designed to drive sales and increase revenue. These campaigns focus on turning leads into paying customers by using compelling calls to action, discounts, and limited offers. While it can be tempting to jump right into these campaigns (after all, who doesn’t want to increase sales?), it’s essential to consider whether your audience is warmed up and ready to make a purchase. Have you educated your potential customers on what you provide? Here again, it’s critical to have conversion tracking in place to measure your campaigns’ success.

Choosing the right campaign for your business goals is critical to the success of your advertising. Whether you’re hoping to educate users on a problem you solve, encourage more user-generated content (UGC), get more leads, or build up your audience – social media marketing can help!

That said, choice can be a blessing and a challenge. If you need help understanding your audience, choosing the right platform and media to deliver your message, and measuring your results, consider reaching out to the team at Front Porch Solutions. Our social media experts have the experience and knowledge to help you navigate ever-changing platforms and develop a social media advertising strategy that suits your business. Get in touch with us today to get started!

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