Best Practices for LinkedIn to Boost Business

By Katy Bernhard

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With nearly 690 million users, it’s no wonder businesses are incorporating LinkedIn into their digital marketing efforts. This professional networking platform is filled with marketing tools and tactics you can use to broaden your presence and attract more customers. Whether your company already maintains a LinkedIn presence or is brand new to this social network, make sure you’re taking advantage of all the capabilities of the platform. Examine our top five best practices for LinkedIn that you can incorporate into your business’ page. 

5 Best Practices for LinkedIn

LinkedIn has grown substantially over the last several years. It’s no longer just a social platform to connect with other like-minded professionals. If used to its full capacity, it can assist with lead generation, expand your network, spread brand awareness, and, ultimately, drive more conversions. Try implementing these practices, below into your LinkedIn marketing strategy:

  1. Make Your Company Page Stand Out

    Potential customers, clients, and even future employees get a first impression of your business from your company profile. As such, it should stay optimized in a way that engages, informs, and encourages users to stay on your page. Utilize the following tips in your LinkedIn page to help it stand out among competitors:

    • Write an engaging summary of your business
    • Make your company logo clear and visible 
    • Incorporate your top keywords
    • List your most popular products or services

    As you create content, keep your target audience in mind. It’s better to stay real and genuine to your brand and attract a lifelong follower, rather than to focus your efforts on attracting as many different types of users as possible.

  2. Consider Showcase Pages

    Showcase pages make it easy to interact with LinkedIn visitors through your company page. Each showcased section is a separate page that links to your profile and highlights an individual company initiative or brand. Your audience can follow or connect with your showcase pages without needing to follow or engage with your business as a whole. While this feature isn’t right for every business, it’s great for engaging with targeting portions of your audience that are interested in a particular item, service, or region that you serve. 

  3. Incorporate Images and Videos

    Visuals and videos are huge across social networks, and LinkedIn is no different. Social media content containing visuals receives 94% percent more views than content without a visual. You can utilize LinkedIn’s media capabilities to help your brand stand out visually and give your audience a more tangible representation of your products and services by:

    • Summarizing your brand’s background and history 
    • Sharing photos and videos of new products, projects, and services
    • Addressing some of your frequently asked questions
    • Sharing customer testimonials
      illustration of a video play symbol
  4. Post Consistently

    As with any social media platform, you should always strive to post regularly. To keep your LinkedIn readers tuned in, post fresh content at least a couple of times per week. Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily need to limit LinkedIn posting to your brand’s own material. Sharing industry news and updates is a great way to grab your audience’s attention and inform them of your field’s latest happenings. Keep in mind that LinkedIn is, ultimately, about relationship building. Educating and starting conversations encourages your employees and audience members to share your content. Plus, a healthy balance of content helps you grow your brand’s professional network and form ties with influencers in your field.

  5. Sponsor Your Content with LinkedIn Ads

    Lastly, try boosting your LinkedIn presence with a sponsored post. Sponsored Content offers businesses a simple way to target LinkedIn users and track conversions. With advanced targeting capabilities, you can ensure your posts reach your ideal target audience, rather than your existing followers. Native ads come in the following three formats:

    • Single Image Ads: Drive website traffic through an engaging image
    • Video Ads: Use in-feed videos to create brand awareness
    • Carousel Ads: Feature a series of images to showcase different products or servicesillustration of a linkedin ad

Regardless of the platform, it’s crucial to make sense of your social media marketing strategy’s effectiveness. At Front Porch Solutions, our social media management and content marketing services ensure businesses of all sizes understand their analytics. Get in touch with our expert marketing specialists to discuss your goals today!

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