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employee sharing content on LinkedIn

Your Guide to Employee Content Sharing on LinkedIn

Employees, on average, have 10 times more connections on LinkedIn than company pages do. While keeping company social media pages...

03/1/2019 Social Media Strategy
how to use google posts

A Digital Marketer’s Guide to Google Posts

As digital marketers, we actively welcome new opportunities to communicate with our customers. Google’s social feature, Google Posts, allows businesses...

09/1/2018 Social Media Strategy
boost organic reach

How to Boost Organic Reach on Social Media

What is organic reach? Organic reach refers to the number of people you reach from an unpaid social media post....

03/1/2018 Social Media
consequences of buying likes on social media

How Buying Likes on Social Media Ruins Your Brand

With an estimated 1.96 billion people worldwide on social media, saying the internet is a crowded space is an understatement....

02/1/2018 Social Media