Why You Need to Develop a Golf Club Member Website

By Erin DeLong

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As a private golf club or country club, member happiness and club organization are at the forefront of your mind. That’s why more and more private clubs like yours have developed private member websites in recent years. Explore the many benefits of golf club member websites and what they house to determine if developing a member-only portal is right for your club and its goals.

Benefits of Building a Club Members-Only Website

From member-only events and updated club policies to the membership directory and more, all of a club’s essential details can be found on the member-only site. Not only does providing members with a secure portal keep exclusive resources of the public website private, but it also helps members to feel like they have an all-in-one resource for all of their club questions, needs, and happenings.

Additionally, a member-only portal can take some work off your back office staff’s plates that manage things like tournaments, programming, and reservations. By enabling members to register for events and reserve lodging on their own through the portal, your staff can focus on other essential tasks.

What to House on Your Golf or Country Club Member Site

Have you decided that a members-only portal is suitable for your club? If so, you’ll want to consider what resources might be beneficial to your members and what needs to be kept private from the average user that visits your public website. Below are just a few of the most common resources included on golf club membership websites.

1. Club Member Directory

Hosting your membership directory on your member site is a great way to ensure that member contact details don’t end up in the wrong hands. It’s also a great way to keep information up-to-date, unlike printed membership directories that you may only update once per year.

2. Lodging Reservations

Most clubs only allow members and their guests to reserve on-site lodging, whether that include houses in your gated community or cabins on your golf course. Because lodging is a member-only privilege, it’s often a good idea to incorporate a lodging reservations system on your member site. By requiring a member login to access the reservation system, you can rest assured that only members enjoy this unique member benefit.

3. Event and Golf Tournament Registration

Another must-have on your member portal is a schedule of upcoming events, as well as registration. By keeping a member calendar of events on the website, you can ensure that your members always have access to the most up-to-date information on tournaments, family events at the club, and even holiday or seasonal closures. For ease of use, be sure to allow members to register for tournaments and events directly on the member site.

4. Golf Course and Clubhouse Rules and Policies

Keep the latest policies up-to-date on the member portal to allow for easy reference before visiting. Policies you might consider including on the site are:

  • Golfer rules and regulations
  • Customs and courtesies regarding dress code, cell phone use, reservations, caddies, and more
  • Clubhouse policies, including dining room and locker room rules
  • Guest and family privileges

5. Club Membership Fees and Due Dates

Another beneficial feature to include on your private club portal is a list of membership fees and due dates. Including the fees can be a friendly, indirect way to remind members of upcoming payment due dates. Your accounting department will thank you for this one!

6. Club News

Adding important club news on the member portal can be an ideal way to keep members in the loop if they don’t regularly read quarterly or monthly newsletters and mailings. You might even consider creating an archive of the latest newsletters for members to easily reference.

7. Staff and Board Member Contact information

Creating a directory of key staff and board members can make it easy for members to get in touch with the correct team member regarding questions and concerns. Adding a photo of each team member listed in the directory can be an excellent way to personalize things and enable members to put a face to the name of staff they frequently communicate with.

8. Helpful Extras

If you want to take a basic golf club member website to the next level, consider including some of the following to the home page portal or menu:

  • Real-time weather updates: Show the daily or weekly weather forecast for your city so that golfers can plan their trips to the club.
  • E-commerce shop: Include a link to a branded club shop where members can shop for custom clothing, golf gear, and memorabilia with your club’s logo.
  • Club awards and features: If you manage an award-winning club, don’t be afraid to boast! Feature some of the club’s most recent awards and rankings on the member portal to celebrate the good news with members.

Ultimately, a club member website’s goal is to provide your members with an all-in-one resource for everything club-related. Anything that you think might be a value-add for members can be included in your custom member-only website.

Ready to begin building a members site for your golf club or country club? Contact Front Porch Solutions today to discover how we can design, code, and host a secure member portal for your club! As the golf marketing experts for more than 15 years, you can depend on our team’s expertise and know-how.

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