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woman receiving "caution" message as she opens a deceptive email

Your Guide to Preventing an Email Impersonation Scam

The email impersonation scam is a growing threat to businesses nationwide, no matter their size. Cybercriminals are targeting business personnel...

03/18/2019 B2B Email Marketing
Woman building email list

How to Build an Email List From Scratch

Whether you’re starting a new business or expanding your marketing efforts, one of the most crucial items on your to-do...

01/1/2019 Email Marketing
email marketing metrics and kpis image

A Guide to Email Marketing Metrics and KPIs

For many business owners, email marketing is a seemingly impossible and expensive feat. To simplify the email marketing process and...

08/2/2018 Email Marketing
guide to email bounce rates

Understanding Email Bounce Rates

Email bounces are a fact of life for most small business owners and marketing managers. While small email bounce rates...

06/1/2018 Email Marketing