Use Piano Social Media Marketing to Build a Community

By Isabel Illig

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An effective piano social media marketing strategy positions your business amongst the music-lovers community. Every piano or music business should take advantage of Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms to engage with users, inspire conversation, or promote sales and musical events. By using social media to ask questions, share industry news, or highlight inspiring stories, you can grow your audience beyond the average follower and into a community of supporters, donors, volunteers, mentors, and advocates!

Using Social Media to Create a Community of Piano Enthusiasts

Creating original and compelling content is the first step to engaging with or building a social community of piano enthusiasts. You should create a content calendar each month, incorporating it with the rest of your digital marketing strategies. For example, you can use social media to announce a new series of concerts posted to your website or promote newsletter sign-ups with event updates.

Use these questions to hone in on your audience’s needs and your business goals while brainstorming what to post to your social media channels.

calendar of social media posts for piano company
Think about the type of content that your audience will appreciate:

  • What is your audience excited about?
  • What will make them feel good?
  • What will inspire them?
  • How can you provide value?
  • What questions might they have about your piano business?

Then, come back to your business goals:

  • Do you have any upcoming sales?
  • Do you need to promote a musical event?
  • Is it time to push for donations?
  • Could your website use a traffic boost?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you can begin to create engaging copy and imagery to use in your editorial calendar.

How to Engage with an Audience That’s Passionate About Piano

Hashtags are a great way to elevate your content on social media platforms. On Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, users can follow their favorite hashtags to monitor and participate in public conversations. While they can’t follow hashtags in the same way on Facebook, members can use the search bar or click on the hashtag to see its feed. Generate a few brand-specific hashtags or research to find one or two that foster piano discussion. Include those when you post about industry news, ask questions, and provide helpful tips! Remember not to overdo it; 1-3 hashtags are plenty.

Once your followers start engaging on social media, you must be responsive. Really listen to what your audience is saying and reply with a helpful or sincere response. Soon your piano business will be known for its responsiveness, and your community will begin to engage more regularly. Plus, frequent comments will increase the engagement rate on your posts and give it a boost in social media algorithms.

But why stop there? Spend a few minutes each day browsing relative content from other industry leaders or relevant hashtags and engage with the community there. Interacting outside of your business’ profile increases your visibility and helps build a relationship with other companies and users.

comment section on social media post for piano organization
Bonus tip: Nonprofit piano businesses that put on concerts, festivals, or competitions that benefit the community can leverage their social network to drive donations. Followers engage with nonprofits on social channels because they connect or relate to the cause. Social media also inspires more people to donate than other channels, with Facebook users contributing 56% of social giving. Add a “donate” sticker to your Instagram stories or add a donate button to your Facebook posts. Additionally, you could host fundraisers or life donations right on Facebook.

Engaging with people who care about pianos, whether they are looking for tips on caring for theirs, finding lessons to help them improve, or hiring someone to play at their event, allows you to build trust and authority in the industry. When they need help, they will turn to your piano business first.

As always, Front Porch Solutions is happy to assist you in all of your social media marketing needs! Reach out to us today to start creating your own piano social media strategy.

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