What is Content Syndication and How Can You Utilize it to Your Advantage?

By Katy Bernhard

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As a marketer, you probably invest a decent amount of time publishing great content on your website – and you should! Quality content is essential for engaging your readers and increasing retention. However, publishing great content month after month on the same platform sometimes isn’t enough. If you’re looking to reach a wider audience, gain more referrals, and ultimately grow your brand, consider using a content syndication strategy. We’ll discuss what is content syndication in more detail and how you can use it in your digital marketing plan.

Content Syndication: The Benefits and How You Can Use It to Boost Your Marketing Efforts

Content syndication is continuously growing and evolving. There are now more ways marketers can republish content than ever before. While it’s not necessary to take advantage of them all, it helps to stay informed and up-to-date on the latest republishing trends. Keep reading as we unpack the benefits of content syndication and some popular third-party sites you can try out.

Defining Content Syndication

Content syndication is when one or multiple third-party websites use an original piece of content and republish it on another online platform with the intent of reaching new audiences. Unlike using duplicate content without permission, practicing syndicated content distribution is not a spam-related content marketing strategy. If done correctly, Google algorithms recognize that content may appear on more than one site for intentional, digital marketing-driven purposes.

content syndication process

There are several different ways marketers syndicate content. You may choose to:

  • Republish original content into a new blogging article or a shorter piece
  • Publish it as a small excerpt with a backlink leading back to your original content
  • Write a guest post on a larger platform and syndicate later on your site or social media channel

What Are the Benefits?

When done correctly, there are many valuable perks of content syndicating. For one, you’ll likely boost your SEO rankings in the process as you’re gaining more high-quality backlinks. Other added benefits may include:

  • Increased lead generation and referral traffic: By reaching a wider audience, your chances of gaining qualified leads and referrals may go up, especially if the content links back to your site. Content viewers that are engaged and interested enough usually click on links to learn more.
  • Promoted Brand Awareness: Content syndication is a simple and proven way to pull in a larger audience with minimal effort on your end. By publishing your work on other platforms, you’re exposed to new readers that may know little to nothing about your brand.

Where Should You Syndicate Content On the Web?

Ultimately, your content syndication marketing strategy’s success or failure depends on how you utilize the resources you have at your disposal. Consider submitting your own content on either of the following types of syndication networks to increase readership.

  • Multi-Author Publications: Numerous multi-author publications, including Social Media Today and Business 2 Community, accept syndicated types of content in the form of partial or entire articles.
  • Blogging Platforms: These platforms allow bloggers to submit quality blog content on their websites. Many also have built-in audiences, which enable you to reach newer target audiences.
  • Social Networks: Several of today’s popular social media outlets, including Facebook and LinkedIn, let you add republished content directly on their site. Plus, many offer analytic tools and content discovery features to optimize your content for social sharing.

Content syndication is a powerful tool you can utilize to leverage your brand, boost SEO, and increase website traffic.  As with any marketing tactic, make sure you’re following best practices to avoid penalties and keep your rankings in good shape. For more tips and advice on developing a content syndication strategy, turn to the experts at Front Porch Solutions. Our team is well-versed in creating quality content and implementing digital marketing campaigns that drive up Google search engine rankings results. Contact us today to get started!

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