Why Blogging Is Important for Businesses

By Jenna Kahle

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Blogs are all about personal anecdotes and the latest gossip, right? Nope!

Blogging lets you showcase your expertise, share valuable information, boost web traffic, and more. Want to learn how to use it to your advantage? Keep reading to learn why blogging is important and how it can benefit your business.

5 Reasons Blogging Is Essential

We’ve all heard content is king in today’s playing field, so it’s no surprise that 90% of companies claim to have a content marketing strategy. That’s a lot of noise on the Internet, so to stand out, you need to create a strategy that resonates with your target audience, establishes your expertise, and delivers genuine value.

Blogging is a powerful first step in improving your content marketing. Here are five direct impacts blogging has on your business.

1. It Improves SEO

By crafting blog posts that address your customers’ questions and concerns, you’re not only positioning your website as a valuable resource to readers – but also to search engines. Their goal is to provide users with information that’s relevant, authoritative, and accurate, so by regularly posting helpful content, you are pushing yourself into a good light with Google and other search engines, which will ultimately help you rank better. To really drive home your SEO efforts, you’ll want to optimize your blogs!

increased website traffic through blog posts

2. It Drives Traffic

Blogs help drive traffic to your website and help keep visitors interested and engaged once they’re there. Well-placed links and calls to action can encourage readers to visit other pages on your site, explore your products and services, make purchases, sign up for newsletters, visit your social media profiles, and more.

3. It Establishes Authority

Creating high-quality blog content allows you to showcase your expertise and establish authority in your industry. The more quality content you publish, the more value your target audience will place on it, and the more likely they’ll perceive it as a reliable, credible source. (As stated above, the same goes for the search engines scanning your content!)

4. It Gives You Content to Repurpose

A well-written blog post doesn’t only provide great content for your website but for social media profiles, email campaigns, newsletters, and more. Recycling content from your blogs can help you save time and money, reach a wider audience, and get the most out of your work.

woman sharing blog post on her social media profile

When choosing blogs to repurpose, look for ones that drive the most traffic and have evergreen information. While timely content is still valuable for immediate campaigns and current events, evergreen blogs remain relevant throughout time and only require minor updates, if any, before use.

5. It Provides Long-Term Results

Unlike some marketing efforts, blog posts aren’t short-lived. As long as you keep them posted on your site, they can continue driving traffic and engaging potential customers, allowing you to capitalize on their value well past the original publication date. Patience is key in blogging. While instant leads and high view counts may take time, giving your blog time to gain interest can yield significant rewards.

Want to incorporate blogging into your content marketing strategy but aren’t sure how? Rely on the content marketing experts at Front Porch Solutions! Our team has the expertise to create a tailored plan that drives long-term business success. Reach out to us today to get started!

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