Position Your Website For Success With Conversion Rate Optimization

Generating leads for your website is not as simple as just building a visually appealing design and waiting for customers to come looking for you. You need to design your website to not only capture your visitors’ attention, but their contact information and business. Conversion rate optimization is crucial if you want to efficiently widen your audience and build sales. Let’s take a look at how conversion rate optimization can help your company get more leads and close more sales.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization is a process that forces you to really think about what your customers are looking for and how you can best capture customer interest and business with your website. The usual search engine optimization (SEO) process is an effective way to increase visitors to your website by pushing your site to the top of the search engine results list, but it is conversion rate optimization that makes those SEO efforts worth it. Once SEO brings in the traffic, you have to make sure they have a chance to go through your sales funnel, however it may be structured. This can mean trying to grab a direct sale, an email address, or to get the visitor to download  additional information. However you approach conversion rate optimization, you must tailor the quality experience of your site and content to fit what appeals to your customers. This process must include testing your site to ensure a smooth and effective conversion process is in place.

Testing For Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization testing means thinking about almost every aspect of your website to help you implement the most useful tools, content and efficiency in collecting data. Conversion rate optimization increases your customer’s response rate by delivering what appeals to them quickly. Conversion rate optimization testing should include:

  • Content: Pinpoint what intrigues your customers by highlighting specific headlines, words or calls to action that catch the attention of your visitors.
  • Pricing: E-commerce websites should test for how pricing changes sales. Conversion rate optimization means understanding how these fluctuating prices can ultimately lead to a greater return. Sometimes increasing prices actually increases business, so it’s important to test different price points.
  • Colors: Determine which colors in different areas of your website increase click through rates. Believe it or not, color variations can have a major impact on conversion rate! Have you heard of color psychology? Blue is supposed to be calming to potential customers, while red indicates boldness. Think about how you want your customer to feel and research which colors communicate those emotions.
  • Images: Which type of images appeal to your customer’s emotional connection to your product or service? Conversion rate optimization involves understanding how photos can cause your audience to respond emotionally. Spend some time thinking about what the photos on your site convey. There is a reason you see a lot of smiling faces on dental websites!
  • Layout: How users respond to your website’s current design can also give you clues about how to approach conversion rate optimization for your website. If you currently have a website, pay attention to how users interact. Tools such as Crazy Egg are inexpensive and can help you test how people use your website. This can expose areas where your visitors may be getting lost or confused. When you understand how they currently use your site, you can address how users might respond if you moved different items around on your website.

Why Do You Need Conversion Rate Optimization

Simply put, you spend a lot of time and money getting people to visit your website. You don’t want to lose them due to a poorly optimized website. When you tailor your lead collection and sales process, site content, website design, and approach to fit what your customers are interested in, you stand the best chance of closing the sale. Conversion rate optimization can ultimately lead to an increased ROI. Customers visiting your website have limited patience and a lot of other options, so making the best out of their first few second viewing your website can significantly increase lead generation and sales.

No matter what combination of conversion rate optimization tests you want to run on your website, it can be done. We can help you optimize your website for conversions, test, and truly understand what it is that drives customer engagement and, in the end, will help you build your ROI. If you are interested in learning how we can help you enhance your web presence contact us today!

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