How Modern Golf Course Website Design Can Increase Club Engagement

By Erin DeLong

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If you’re a general manager or clubhouse manager, one of your core responsibilities is ensuring members have a seamless experience every time they visit your golf club. So why shouldn’t that five-star experience continue online? By designing and developing a new website that is responsive on mobile devices and has engaging content and integrations with club reservation systems, you can increase member engagement and even attract new members.

8 Features to Incorporate into Your Golf Course Web Design

Consider these eight must-have features when redesigning your golf or country club website to increase engagement, generate more leads, and keep guests informed.

1. Responsive Web Design for Smartphones and Tablets

One of the most critical things to focus on when redesigning a golf club website is mobile responsiveness. Because your members are likely glued to their smartphones and tablets like the rest of us, you can expect a vast majority of your website visits to occur on mobile devices. Be sure that you or your web designer is preparing a mobile design that works as seamlessly on mobile as it does on desktop.

2. Event Calendar and Easy Registration

To increase engagement online and at the club, consider maintaining a detailed event calendar on your site. Developing a monthly calendar that outlines special events, golf tournaments, dining room specials, and kids’ activities will ensure your members know about all of the fantastic events you’re organizing.

But the events calendar shouldn’t stop there! Make registration for events quick and simple by incorporating a sign-up form directly on each event page. For members that prefer online reservations versus calling the club, this may improve the likelihood of sign-ups and increase attendance.

3. Tour of 18 Holes and Course Details

For the golfers at your club, adding a tour of all 18 holes on your website is a must! The more professional photos and footage you can take of your course, the more excited members and their guests will be about hitting the links. Some clubs are now even featuring drone footage of their greens to give members a bird’s-eye view of the course.

4. Tee Time Reservation System

If you use golf booking software to schedule tee times for your members, consider an integration on the website. By enabling golfers to view and book available tee times online, you can free up time for your pro shop staff and golf pros while also respecting your members’ time.

5. Easy-to-Book Lodging System

If you offer lodging at your club, make it simple for members to browse available dates and houses, as well as make reservations. By integrating your reservation system with your website, you can make it easier for members to select the best time to visit your club and book their stay. Plus, allowing members to place reservations online frees up time for your back office staff.

6. Branded E-commerce Store

Another fantastic feature to consider adding to a new club website is an online store. By enabling guests to shop for club-branded clothing and golf swag online, you can increase pro shop sales and make holiday shopping a breeze for your members!

7. Social Media Integration

Think beyond the standard social media icons in the footer of your site, and really get social! Integrating your Instagram feed on your website is a great way to put beautiful photos of your club on display while also driving traffic to your Instagram page. In turn, many clubs are able to gain more followers and engagement on their social media channels.

8. Membership Inquiry Form and Information

To attract new members to your club, laying out membership packages and benefits in a clear, concise manner is essential. Don’t be afraid to really boast about what your club has to offer, awards, reciprocities, and ultimately, why the user shouldn’t leave the page without requesting information.

Ensure that membership inquiry forms are easy to complete and don’t ask for every single detail about the user’s background. The more lengthy the form, the less likely the user will complete it. Once you generate inquiries, your staff can follow up for any necessary information.

How to Build a Club Website Made to Drive Engagement

Most clubs have a marketing manager that handles social media work or basic graphic design, but developing a custom website that is set up to drive engagement and traffic is often outside of a club marketing manager’s skillset. Building a website that’s dependent on integrations, reservation systems, and registrations tends to be a project that requires an entire team of digital marketing professionals with specialties ranging from web design, coding, and search engine optimization (SEO) to content management, reporting, and more.

By working with the web designers at Front Porch Solutions, you can rest assured that you have experts on your side building a highly engaging, responsive website experience. Plus, because we custom design and code every golf website rather than using templates, you can rest assured that your website will be one of a kind!

To begin working on your new website and building your online presence with our golf digital marketing experts, call us at (614) 356-3317 or complete the form below.

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