Keyword Research Tools Every Marketer Needs

By Katy Bernhard

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Thorough keyword data lies at the core of every successful digital marketing campaign. Ultimately, your ranking search terms impact everything from who you reach to the profit of your clients or business. But, with Google’s Algorithm constantly changing, ranking high is not as easy as stuffing your page full of popular keywords. This process doesn’t work the way it used to years ago. If your websites aren’t drawing in the right people on search engines, eventually, you’ll see declining traffic and sales. Fortunately, Front Porch Solutions has expert knowledge and experience utilizing keyword ideas for digital marketing. Continue reading this article, as we explain the four keyword research tools every marketer needs in their arsenal.

4 Keyword Research Tools Every Marketer Needs

At a minimum, keyword research tools generate more search terms that you can leverage into your SEO or PPC campaigns. With time, you can gain insight into consumer search patterns and see which particular keywords are directing visitors to your site. While there are many platforms to choose from, these are some of our favorites.

  1. Google Keyword Planner

    The Google Keyword Planner tool is most useful for creating brand new search marketing campaigns from scratch or optimizing your current campaigns. This free tool lets you examine keywords by offering insight into their performance potential. It’s also super convenient for Google Ads users, as you’re able to pick and choose which bids and budgets should be placed in your existing Google Ad campaigns. Most importantly, it provides one-of-a-kind features, like historical data and Google search volume outlooks for a specified period.

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  2. SEMrush

    When it comes to analyzing competitive research, SEMrush is a reliable keyword tool. Although it’s not a free keyword research tool, many digital marketers choose it for its unique features. It provides a complete overview of your competitors’ ranking search terms, along with their corresponding organic search traffic. Plus, you don’t need a primary or seed keyword to get instant insight into your competitors. Enter a competing website’s domain, and you’ll have all the information ready at your fingertips.

    Aside from viewing keyword rankings, SEMRush also offers a couple of fairly new keyword tools, including Keyword Gap, Keyword Explorer, and Keyword Magic Tool. These all aid you in creating cost-effective SEO and PPC campaigns. Some of these highlighted features include:

    • Trending searches for a particular keyword
    • Keyword difficulty and keyword search volume
    • Keyword suggestions
  3. Moz’s Keyword Difficulty Tool

    Somewhat similar to SEMrush and Google Keyword Planner, Moz offers you plenty of handy keyword tools packed into one convenient software. It’s great for analyzing your competitive research and discovering easy ranking opportunities from a list of keywords.

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    This keyword tool searches for the top 10 rankings and provides a difficulty score. It also shows your top competitors for a particular keyword, as well as their website’s page authority and referring pages.

  4. Keyword

    You may already know the value of using long-tail keywords. They’re lower in ranking and competition; however, they’re usually less expensive to bid on. If you’re looking to save money by using long-tail keyword suggestions, Keyword is incredibly helpful. It’s a great alternative for those without access to Google Keyword Planner, and it’s completely free. By using Google Autocomplete, it compiles more than 750 long-tail keywords for each search term you choose. It bases its selection process on many factors, including past search volume, to give you a more in-depth look into the phrases your target audience is already searching for on Google.

As with every digital marketing strategy, you’ll want to test out different keyword research tools and find what works best for your brand and SEO strategy. Understanding how and when to use specific tools and approaches is your key to uncovering optimized results. If you need digital marketing solutions or the best keyword strategies for your business, contact the experts at Front Porch Solutions. Get in touch today to start finding the right keywords for your business’ PPC and SEO campaigns.


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