What is a Nurture Email Campaign and Should You Be Using Them? 

By Kaitlyn Bernauer

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As marketers, it’s an excellent feeling when providing valuable content pays off and a user becomes a lead. But, now what? Often, it can take more than one interaction for a potential customer to become a sale. That’s where lead nurturing comes in. If you’re using email marketing in your digital marketing strategy, then you can move your leads further down the sales funnel with these tools. Below, we answer the question ‘what is a nurture email campaign?‘ so that you can determine if this strategy is right for you.

Drip Campaigns vs. Nurture Campaigns: What’s the Difference?

Fresh new leads are exciting for a company, but they can take a bit to convert. Luckily, marketing automation can help you move users through the buyer’s journey with ease. You’ve probably heard of drip campaigns, which are similar to lead nurturing campaigns. While both use automated emails, the triggers and goals are different.

Drip campaigns send out a series of emails based on time triggers. Even if you haven’t set up a drip series before, you’ve likely experienced them through a series of welcome emails. Often, companies use this type of email to introduce and explain their business or product, re-engage inactive leads, or onboard a user that has signed up for a product or service.

What Types of Marketing Campaigns Use Lead Nurturing Emails?

Unlike a drip campaign, nurture campaigns are based on user behavior. This makes them more personalized and even emotional. To create a successful email nurture campaign, you have to put your audience’s needs at the forefront. That means knowing where they are in the buying process, what they need from your business, and what types of content they are interested in.types of marketing campaigns to use

When you successfully do that, you can use these email marketing campaigns to stay connected to the leads while building a relationship with your brand.

Examples of Email Nurture Campaigns

So, how do these emails look in practice? Lead nurturing usually comes in a welcome series, promotional information, educational campaigns, or a re-engagement campaign. Whether you’re in a B2B or B2C business, personalization is vital.

B2C brands will want to include information about products a user was viewing. If they abandon their cart, for instance, you’ll want to include the products that they had added as well as some social proof, information, or an incentive to help them convert.

B2B businesses, on the other hand, will want to take a look at what educational content and white papers a user is downloading or what webinars they’ve attended. From there, you may point the user towards other resources that they’re likely to find value in.

Measuring the Success of Your Nurture Campaigns

As you create more nurturing content marketing, you’ll start to build out segments in your email list and learn more about user behavior. From there, you’ll want to look at KPIs to determine what worked and what didn’t. While the ability to track email metrics and open rates has changed in recent years, there are plenty of tools to help you measure the success of your campaigns.

If you’re using A/B testing on your subject lines, you’ll want to look for any trends there. You can also evaluate click-through rates, unsubscribes, and, last but not least, see what campaigns worked to convert leads.measuring the the success of your nurture campaign

Lead nurturing campaigns can be a powerful way to increase your conversion rates and build lasting relationships with your customers. It allows you to have a less urgent conversation with your target audiences and lean into your brand voice and experience. If you’re looking to take your lead generation to the next level and start nurturing your audience, consider reaching out to the Front Porch Solutions team. Our email experts can help you optimize campaigns so that you don’t get lost in your audience’s inbox. Contact us today to get started!

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