8 Real-World Examples of Golf Club Graphic Design Work Your Club Needs

By Erin DeLong

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Golf clubs and country clubs have two distinct audiences: existing members and potential new members. Each group has its own set of expectations and questions when interacting with your club. That’s why you need professionally curated marketing materials specifically designed to meet each target audience’s needs. As the golf marketing experts for clubs, Front Porch Solutions is here to provide eight real-world examples of how you can make print materials sell your club and keep members informed.

Must-Have Print Materials for Your Golf Course or Country Club

If you’re looking for ways to impress potential new members and drive engagement with existing ones, you’ll need print marketing materials that reflect the integrity and exclusivity of your club. Below are a few of the most commonly requested graphic design pieces that our golf and country club clients request.

1. Neighborhood Invitation for Golf Communities

If your golf course is located within a neighborhood or gated community, consider developing a club invitation for new homeowners that move into the neighborhood or for existing homeowners that aren’t currently part of the club. Personalized invitations can be a great way to target a captive audience and communicate the club’s benefits.

2. Club Brochure

When someone completes a membership information request on your club website, having a professionally designed brochure or booklet to send them in the mail can be an effective way to push them deeper into the sales funnel. Your brochure should include:

  • Professional photography of your course, clubhouse, pool, and any other facilities you might have
  • Reasons why your club is the best golf club in the area
  • Details on dining, clubhouse, spa, and other activities you provide
  • Testimonials from existing members and golfers
  • Reciprocity details

Be sure to end the brochure or booklet with a clear call to action or next steps.

3. New Club Member Handbook

As one of the first official takeaways your new members will receive, you must ensure that the new member handbook puts your club’s best foot forward. In a piece like this, well-written content is just as important as clean, modern design.

4. Suggestion or Comment Cards

Show club members you care about their opinions by printing suggestion cards for the clubhouse and comments for your dining rooms. While these cards may seem minuscule, they provide guests with the opportunity to vent about frustrations anonymously or give props to stand-out staff.

5. Member Directory Book

Membership directories can be a tremendous resource for your golf or country club members. Because this is a print piece that members are likely to save for an entire calendar year, be sure that you’re proud of what you’re printing. Member details should be clear, well-spaced, and accurate.

6. Dining Room Menus

If you’re like most clubs, your menu is likely always evolving or, at the very least, changing seasonally. Don’t leave menu design to your Food and Beverage Manager to create in Word! Instead, work with professional designers to create a custom menu that reflects the professionalism and high-quality food served in your clubhouse dining rooms.

7. Tournament Promotional Materials

When your club hosts golf tournaments, you’ll need everything from banners and branded swag to save the dates and more. If you host the tournament annually, you might even consider developing a custom logo for the event that can be used year after year to create event brand recognition amongst members.

8. Branded Swag

For custom golf swag that requires more than just logo placement, enlist the help of a design expert to create memorable pieces to sell in your pro shop, like golf flags, stickers, tournament t-shirts and polos, and more. Because members will be toting their swag all around town, everything must reflect your club’s professionalism and history.

Where to Find the Best Golf Graphic Designer for Marketing Materials

After working with golf clubs across the United States for more than 15 years, you can rely on Front Porch Solutions for all of your golf and country club’s design needs. Our golf club design services are unmatched, from creating any of the print pieces mentioned above to golf club logo design and more. Contact our golf club graphic design team today to get started on your club’s next project!

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